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March Update Overview

See what's new in our latest update: Trip Photos, Wishlist Pins, and more...

I initially wanted to publish this blog post before our march update, but Mehmet Can beat me to it, so it's once again more of a retrospective. Even so, we value your feedback a lot, so please do get in touch at if you would like to share any thoughts about these features, or anything else!

This update (Pin Traveler 3.12) is a very exciting one. We've been talking about "Rich Trips" for years now, and it's finally happening with our first major trip update: Cover Photo & Page. We're also finally releasing Pin Traveler Passport for past years, giving wishlist pins an overhaul, and bringing our Android App closer to parity. Here's the overview:

1. Trip Covers

Mehmet & Cem Rainier Cover Photo
Cover photo for our Rainier trip a few years ago

You might recall from our last update that we recently released Trip Maps as our first major Trip feature. Now we're giving trips another overhaul with cover photos. Thanks to the hundreds of you who've been asking for trip specific photos and covers, this is finally a reality! You can use the edit trip page to add cover photos to individual trips. More trip features will follow shortly - keep reading for our future plans.

2. New Wishlist Pins

Our semi-transparent wishlist pins have been controversial over the years. With this update, we're finally giving you the option to choose a different look. Our first foray into different wishlist pins are fully solid with slightly washed-out interiors. I like them a lot. If you have any ideas on how we can keep the color coding but make the pins more visible, let us know!

3. Bringing Android to Parity

Android & Pin Traveler

Like many apps out there, we started our life on the iOS App Store. We released our Android app more than 2 years later! Because of this we've been playing catch-up to iOS ever since. Our goal this year is to finally bring Android to parity. With our march update for android, we're finally bringing everything trip related up to par with iOS. More good news to follow!

4. What Next?

We have a lot planned this year, and a lot to do before the summer travel season. Here's some of the things we are doing before June:

  • Trip photos: Add photos to individual trips, not pins

  • Trip sharing: We rarely travel alone, so sharing trips with your travel partners is a must!

  • More Map Visualizations: We're adding new colored-in maps for Europe, and more

  • Top places discovery: We're working on gathering lists of most popular places to share with you

  • Place Types & Icons: to finally differentiate between a restaurant and museum at first glance

  • Your suggestions: Want us to build something? Let us know at!



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