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February Update Overview

See what's new in our latest update: Trip Maps, Heart Pins, and more...

We just released a major iOS update (version 3.11.0) on February 10 2024. This is a big update for us, we are introducing new visualizations for your trips, and a new pin type for the first time ever! We've also laid the groundwork for a lot of great things to come later in 2024. Here's the overview:

1. Trip Maps

Map of a Florida roatrip I took with my parents a few months ago
Map of a Florida roadtrip I took with my parents a few months ago

To me this is the killer feature in this update. Mehmet and I have been talking about this for years, and trip maps are finally here! You can see the map for any of your trips (old or new). We're also working to introduce more trip features like cover photos, places, etc. for your trip (more on that later). If you like your trip maps, give us a shoutout on Instagram (@PintravelerApp)

2. New Heart-shaped Pins

My map of Europe, featuring our new Heart Shaped Pins
My map of Europe, featuring our new Heart Shaped Pins

We're celebrating Valentine's day this year by introducing our first ever custom pin-pack! You can claim your new pin-pack (for free!) during the month of February, so make sure to claim yours now. Let us know if you'd like to see more pin packs like this!

3. A New Dedicated Map Settings Page

The new Map Settings Page

I know a new settings page is not the most exciting of news, but customization is a very important part of Pin Traveler's appeal. I think this will make it easier to style your map exactly to your heart's content. You can access the new page from your settings tab (right most tab) by tapping the "Map Settings" button. Also check out our different map styles which we recently made available for free!

4. Under the Hood: New Photos Architecture

I wrote the first Pin Traveler Photos feature 4 years ago as a college student. Pin Traveler has come a long way since then, but photos has been lagging behind. With this update, we are changing this and migrating our photos infrastructure to a new system that much better suits our needs. The only difference you'll notice is significantly faster load times (we now save smaller thumbnail photos for the initial load that are later replaced by the original photo). But this new architecture will enable so many new features in 2024. To name a few:

  • Trip photos: you'll be able to select photos from your pins and associate them with individual trips

  • Place photos: you'll now be able to add photos to places (restaurants, museums, etc.)

  • Granular photo sharing: we will introduce even more granular access controls on an individual photo level (today you can only enable/disable photo-sharing on the pin level)

  • A global Pin Traveler photo album

  • And much more! Let us know what you'd like to see at

And that's it for our first major feature update in 2024. As always, please get in touch on social media and let us know what you think and what you'd like to see. Our handle is @pintravelerapp on Instagram, Facebook, and X.



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