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What $25 Gets You For Self-Care in Bangkok

A 90-minute massage and a haircut.

To be fair, Bangkok prices vary wildly, so your best bet is to ask an expat or a Thai for recommendations.

For example, restaurants that have English menus have dishes that average 200 Bahts ($5.50). However, you can get full for $1 if you opt for the stands across from office buildings that Thai people prefer for their lunch breaks (some require you to write your order on paper in Thai though).

Same thing for the beauty sector. So I got some recommendations along the famous Sukhumvit Avenue.

My first stop was Panipa Hair Salon - they accept walk-ins. I ended up getting 4 inches chopped off (goodbye split ends!), layers added, a blowout, and a nice mist sprayed. My hair felt so much lighter and fluffier. That came to 400 Bahts ($11).

(Bonus points if you can tell where the before picture was taken)

About a 7-minute walk away, in an alley full of massage places, I went into Center Point & Spa. I was going to get a 60-minute Thai massage, but the lady gave a discount on the 90-minute one. The difference would only be 70 bahts (less than $3) for 30 additional minutes, so I accepted.

First, I was served tea and a hot towel and then changed into the slippers. Upstairs, my masseuse washed my feet and provided comfy clothes.

We proceeded to go up another story, where the sessions take place on floor beds separated by curtains.

Thai massage differs from hotel massages, which are usually Swedish or oil fusions. It focuses on stretching and pressure points. You keep your clothes on but be prepared for firm pressure on your glutes and pubic bone. If you are uncomfortable with that, I'd advise you to communicate it beforehand or choose something else from their extensive menu.

The massage ended with a head and neck rub where the lady put a pillow on her lap and I laid my head on it.

Then she got me the most yummy tea I ever tasted (I forgot to ask the name!) and another hot towel.

The whole experience came to 520 Baht ($14).

It was one fine morning!


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