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Nightlife in Bangkok

I know all of you are curious to know! Bangkok boasts an abundance of rooftop bars and clubs, so I sampled a variety to give you the best experience.

Akara Sky Hanuman

The first one is Akara Sky Hanuman. Note that the Google Maps location is slightly off since it’s relatively new. Head to the One City Center building, easily accessible from the Phloen Chit Skytrain station. After checking in at the front desk, you'll take an elevator to the 58th floor, then switch to another elevator to reach the 61st floor.

Upon arrival, you're greeted and led to your table. Typically, seated tables require reservations, but I made a walk-in and ended up with a standing table. Arriving early (around 6 pm), I got the best view in the entire place. Even those with reservations kept coming over to take pictures near me.

You are greeted and led to your table. Now, normally sitting tables require reservations, but I did this last minute so I had a standing table. Since I came early (around 6 pm) they gave me the best view in the entire place, even the groups with reservations were constantly taking pictures right by me.

Despite being in a t-shirt and shorts while everyone else was dressed up, my confidence seemed to impress the server, who chatted me up during my entire time. He even set up some strobe lights for my photos, and two ladies in gowns cheered me on. I felt so happy, though I still recommend dressing up.

The cocktails were underwhelming. I left my Aperol Spritz unfinished, and the So-Mo's taste didn’t live up to its fancy appearance. The food was delightful, I don't know what they seasoned that popcorn with but I couldn't stop snacking on it. The volcano roll was lip-smacking good.

The DJ set a great vibe, and I danced the whole time. They also offer sunset shows and cultural dances, which you can check out on their website. The changing colorful lights enhanced the ambiance. The skyline view, reminiscent of NYC, was breathtaking as the city lights came on.

Don't leave Bangkok without stopping by!


Next up, we have Tichuca. This place is extremely popular - It had a long queue on a Sunday, to the point that they employed a rush-hour menu and required that everyone pre-order at least one drink per person. The drinks were still better than Akura Sky. The prices were slightly cheaper than the former, though still above the Bangkok averagei at 440 baht ($12).

The music might remind you of a frat party playlist, but it adds a lively and energetic atmosphere that keeps everyone engaged. This rooftop bar has 3 floors, giving you plenty of room to walk around and socialize despite budding influencers.

It's a bummer that the place closes at 12 am, so I would suggest leaving around 11:30 pm to secure an affordable and calm ride back.

There is also a K-Pop bar one story below it, but I was trying to get in the next elevator so I did not catch the name.

Khao San Road

There are more affordable options down Khao San Road. Even on a Monday night, the area was packed with people. The street was lined with tables, bustling with music, and full of people dancing. We randomly chose a spot and ordered our drinks, only to discover they were served in full buckets per person!

There were also some laughing gas vendors around, though that’s not my cup of tea. Since cannabis is legal and widely used, you can also enjoy a smoke with your drinks.


You could find more options around Sukhumvit Avenue, Soi 11 (Soi is the Thai word for street). The clubs and bars here are generally more affordable and feature a younger, expat crowd, but you could head to Pastel if you would like to get fancier.

There was a strict dress code and since we only went for dinner and drinks, there was not much going on besides each other's company (except for some juicy gossip I overheard in the bathroom). However, from Pastel's Instagram stories, I saw that the place gets a lot of action from 10 pm to 1 am, so I recommend booking your spot in advance.

If I were you, I would only get drinks (which were pleasant) and no food because it is overpriced. The sailor hats kind of make up for it though.

Catch you on the next voyage, ancors aweigh!


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